On June 22, 2021 I made the move from Connecticut to North Carolina! Big changes are happening outside of Vessel Artwork.


What does this mean?

Until further notice, I will be unable to print and ship items I hold of stock of in my own home. If you'd like to show support and help me out financially, you can still purchase my Monthly T-Shirt, products from my partnership with @Mandii78 (can be found if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page), and, soon, Vessel Artwork Merch!


Purchases made will help allow me to be able to get my inventory back up for sale faster!


It's a risky move to have to take down the majority of my shop, but unfortunately that's what I need to do at the moment.


However, if you live in or around Greensboro, North Carolina, and you're interested in 8x10 prints, coasters, and t-shirts I currently have stock of, reach out!! I am 100% willing to make local deliveries to those who want to help support my small shop.



Any question you may have can be commented below, or emailed to Vessel.Artwork@gmail.com

Written by Lyn Makenzie

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