About the artist...



     My name is Lyn Makenzie, and I am the artist and creator of Vessel Artwork. I created "Vessel" in February of 2017, but have been creating artwork since the day I knew how to hold a pencil.

     When I was 15 years old, I decided I want to make a career out of my art, and have been working hard at that ever since. I studied as a studio art major in college, and took business and entrepreneurship classes on the side to help me build my knowledge in being an artist as a profession.

     When I'm not drawing or painting (or taking photos, or sewing, blah blah blah), you can probably find me playing with dogs! I own an 8 year old catahoula leopard dog mix that I love to pieces (pictured below) and  I work at a doggy daycare during the week.

     I absolutely love creating and being able to share my art with you all. A piece of myself goes into every piece I create, and it sends me over the moon to see that other people enjoy my work as well!