What's new -

If you've been around for quite some time it may be obvious what's new. The site has had an entire makeover inside and out! Here's a list of some new things you might not see!


☞ New products! I've added new prints, mugs, etc. When you visit my product pages, be sure to set the listings to "newest to oldest" to see!

☞ Free U.S. shipping on ALL orders, discounted Canadian and worldwide shipping. See my shipping policy here to see flat rate prices.

☞ More "in depth" product descriptions. Learn how to easily take care of your products to keep them look brand new!

☞ Smaller colour selections. This might not sound great but I promise you, it is. It sucks being offered 10 types of green, 5 types of blue, and even 2 types of black??? I got a little carried away before! I narrowed my colours down to a select few of my favourites that I thought looked nice. Less brain power for you!

☞ New commissions info! Easily find prices and the current status of my commissions right from this page, here.

☞ New social links. Easily find me on social media, and my new and updated Etsy shop! Hit the "Other Links" tab to see!


I hope you enjoy the new site as much as I enjoyed making it! Don't forget to check out my other links down below ☺︎