Vessel Artwork has had quite the makeover. If you've been around, it  may be obvious that I've made some changes to the look and layout of the website, but there have also made some changes to how everything works now as well!


☞ Vessel Apparel

If you haven't noticed, there's not much apparel on the site anymore! That's because I will now be offering t-shirts on a month-to-month basis with a new design offered each month! Every once in a while I will have other monthly apparel items available to purchase under Limited Edition Items located in the navigation bar!

I will also be offering premium and standard quality t-shirts in an effort to make my shop more affordable for all!

☞ New art?

I'm. Finally. Selling. Originals!

Some original pieces are available for local delivery only, but many are available to ship across the US! Please be patient with me as I learn how to best ship out my original pieces- especially canvases! It could be quite scary to ship out handmade pieces I've poured my heart and soul into, and I'm learning the process as we go!

☞ News

My "news" section is most likely how you came across this page! In this section, you'll find information about sales, shop changes, possible vacations from the shop, and more!

☞ Prints

I've cut down the amount of prints I'm offering. I used to have just about everything available to purchase as a print, as I was offering these through the print shop I work with- meaning when you order one, they print it for you and ship it out. If I'm being 100% honest, I just wasn't too thrilled with some changes they made with their art prints so I've decided to take on the job on my own. I'm now offering prints that I have in stock in my home, typically 8x10", but I'm always up for ordering larger (or smaller) sizes upon request!

☞ Portfolio

Didja see the new portfolio layout on my homepage!!!??? I'm a little excited about how it looks. I've updated my portfolio with some of my newest pieces, and also made it easier to navigate! I've also added indications to pieces that are available to purchase as prints and/or print on apparel upon request! Not everything is available to purchase as apparel, so please understand if I have to say no.